Percy saw an article in a Cru Jesus Film Project newsletter about partner Saturate USA, which has the vision to put the JESUS film in every home in America. He thought this would be an ideal opportunity for his church to share the good news of Jesus Christ with their surrounding New Hampshire friends and neighbors.

Percy went to Saturate USA’s website to learn the process so he could introduce it to his church. His church agreed to adopt their zip code and receive free gospel materials, including JESUS film DVDs, Cru evangelism tracts, plastic door hanger bags, and maps of their zip code.

His church organized a bag-stuffing party and prayed over the materials. On November 7th, 120 church members launched prayer walks on the streets of Manchester (photo) and delivered the first 4,000 gospel gift packs, including invitations to this church. The church members loved it and had many opportunities for divine appointments with their neighbors. Percy is now introducing Saturate USA to other churches and has committed to taking JESUS to every home in New Hampshire.

Percy connected with Pastor Lloyd who leads a church near Dartmouth University in New Hampshire. He received a sample Saturate USA gift pack and saw that the JESUS film DVD included a children’s film. His 8-year-old grandson was visiting, so they watched the film together. At the end, an actor in the film asked if anyone would like to receive Jesus and the grandson boldly said yes. The grandson prayed the prayer to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Pastor Lloyd was so thrilled that his grandson had received Jesus that he immediately adopted his zip code and could not wait to get started reaching his neighbors.

Go to to learn more about this exciting opportunity to help reach 120 million homes in America by 2027. Pray for all the people in the zip codes who have been saturated with the gospel through this outreach. Pray to see if God is prompting you to ask your church to adopt your zip code.

We are blessed to serve with Cru because of all the evangelism and discipleship opportunities Cru provides to reach our lost world with the good news of Jesus Christ. We grateful for you because we cannot serve in Cru without your prayer and partnership with our ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin