Have you wondered how to start a Bible study?

NBS2GO is a Cru Ministry and it stands for Neighbor Bible Studies 2 GO. NBS2GO.com will provide you with the steps to take and the materials you need to start and lead a successful Bible study. They outline three steps:

Step 1 is Pray. Prayer is the most important step in beginning and growing your Bible study group. You can discover ways to pray for yourself, neighbors, neighborhood, workplace, friends, and family - bringing God’s presence, purposes, and power. NBS2GO.com will guide you in how to use prayer to involve God in laying the groundwork for a successful Bible study.

Step 2 is Connect. Allow God to use you, with the gifts and talents He gave you, right where He has you now. Be intentional. Pray and look for opportunities. Leave room to help someone in need or to spend time with another. You never know what God has planned. NBS2GO.com provides ideas on how to connect with the people around you and invite them to your Bible study.

Step 3 is Lead. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. NBS2GO.com is there to help. You’ll discover resources to equip you to begin and develop your Bible study group as well as grow in your role. They have videos, articles, and a blog to help you choose your materials, facilitate your group, and so much more. See their tips for practical ideas on how to lead effectively, handle prayer, and create biblical community. There are free 2GO Bible Studies with Leader Guides to download and print.

NBS2GO.com has everything you need to start and successfully lead your own Bible study. Please pray for those who are starting Bible studies and for those who will be attending.

I (Steve) am starting the sixth round of my current regimen of antibiotics, antivirals, and other medications for my Lyme disease and Epstein-Barr virus. Praise God that my health is improving. Please pray that I will continue to get better. Our home is a lot busier with Evelyn (2 years) becoming more active and the addition of Finn (3 months). Please pray for wisdom and patience as Rachel, Caleb, Robin, and me nurture these precious kids.

Thank you for your involvement in our lives and your help in the spreading the gospel to a lost and fragmented world.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin