Yellow Boxes are helping missionaries with Ukraine for Christ (Cru in Ukraine) share the gospel with war victims. Working with local churches, these missionaries and local volunteers distribute Yellow Boxes containing enough food for a family for one week, along with a gospel message. 

Due to the war, Lubov and her husband were displaced from the eastern region to west-central Ukraine. Natalia, a local church volunteer, knocked on the door of their rented room and presented them with their first Yellow Box. After receiving their second box, Lubov and her husband attended their first service at a local evangelical church. The Yellow Box messages and conversations with Natalia helped them realize that God loves them and is with them. 

Natalia continued to meet with Lubov and her husband to read and discuss the Bible and build their friendship. When Lubov heard about water baptism at church, she dedicated her life to Jesus Christ. Lubov and Natalia have become good friends, and Natalia is mentoring Lubov in her new faith. Lubov, whose name means “love” in Ukraine, is now helping other displaced people, just as she and her husband were loved and helped. 

Ukraine for Christ and partnering churches distributed 38,000 Yellow Boxes in the first five months of the Yellow Box Project. Each Yellow Box has four symbols representing the four steps of salvation on the side. As missionaries or volunteers deliver a yellow box to a needy family, they explain one of the symbols and their meaning. They listen to the family, pray with them, and learn their specific needs. 

The missionaries return the following week with another box tailored to that family and explain the next symbol. They return each week until they explain all four symbols so the families have a clear and complete picture of the gospel. Then, they will invite the family to put their faith in Jesus Christ.

“That means there have been tens of thousands of personal conversations, prayers, hugs, and support meetings. The Yellow Box Project also gives us an opportunity to help local churches have a comprehensive mission for their humanitarian ministry.”, shared Ukraine for Christ missionaries Sasha and Yulia. The Yellow Boxes are funded by people worldwide who want to help with the physical and spiritual needs of Ukrainians ( 

Please pray for the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of Ukraine for Christ missionaries, local churches, and Ukrainians as the war continues. Praise God for how he uses each of us to spread His Good News to a lost and hurting world. 

Yours in Christ, 

Steve & Robin