Kevin, a student leader involved in Cru at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, met Micah the first week of school during Cru’s outreach to incoming freshman last fall. Kevin contacted Micah to meet up, get to know him more, and invite him to Cru’s weekly meeting. Kevin learned that Micah grew up as a pastor’s kid and knew “all that church stuff”, but Kevin wasn’t sure Micah believed it all.

Kevin felt the Lord was putting Micah on his heart and encouraging him to continue to help Micah through his journey in what he believed. The two met up almost weekly the first semester building a friendship and trust. Mid-semester, Kevin was discouraged as he hadn’t seen any improvement in Micah knowing Jesus. It was humbling to Kevin to realize that his efforts alone were not enough.

Over Christmas break, Kevin wondered if he should continue to meet with Micah and felt God’s prompting him to continue to keep pursuing Micah. At the beginning of the second semester, Kevin notice Micah was thirstier for what the Bible said and desired to be in community with other Christians. In March, Micah shared with Kevin about a conversation he had with his girlfriend. She wasn’t following Jesus and was making decisions that were putting Micah at a crossroads, either follow his girlfriend or follow Christ.

Two weeks later, Kevin got a text from Micah: “I have something to tell you.” They got together a few days later and pessimistically Kevin prepared for the worst. To his surprise, Micah shared that after church on Sunday he found himself on his knees sobbing asking Jesus to be Lord of his life. Micah decided to choose Jesus and broke up with his girlfriend! Micah then shared that he was changing his summer plans of taking classes to go on a Cru Summer Mission at Walt Disney World!

Cru’s Walt Disney World Summer Mission participants learn how in the power of the Holy Spirit to grow through God’s Word and to share the gospel with international and American students working at Disney. The hope is that they will take the gospel back to their countries and homes.

During the summer, God softened Micah’s heart and showed him his gifting for evangelism. Kevin saw how God used him to pursue Micah and encourage him to keep pressing on even though Kevin saw no “fruit” on the surface the first semester.

Freshman are showing up on campuses all across the country right now. Please be praying for students like Kevin to reach out to students like Micah, who may not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Thank you for your partnership in our ministry so that people can experience the life-changing news of the gospel.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin