Malissa Mackey, a missionary with Cru City, started Faith and Work Chicago in partnership with a Chicago church five years ago. They host the Summer Institute of Faith and Work, which is normally held in person by Cru City staff in Chicago. This summer the six-week course moved online. Seventy-two people registered from locations as far as the Philippines, Australia, California, and New York.

Emily (left) participated in the online Summer Institute of Faith and Work and recently shared what she was learning with an agnostic neighbor. “We were able to discuss the concept of work enhancing human flourishing and being God-glorifying. We talked about her (the neighbor’s) interaction with her coworkers and how she can promote their flourishing and their love for their job and what they’re doing.” A few days later, Emily’s neighbor sent her a text: “I’m so excited to go to work – I’m going to view my job as promoting human flourishing.”

The summer course has given Emily a richer appreciation for how the gospel connects with all aspects of her life and relationships. “My work life is ultimately spiritual, because God’s called me to work; He's created me to work. The idea of working well and working with excellence – doing the best you can do with the grace He provides; it’s challenged me to look deeper into my work.”

Janet (left), a healthcare consultant who led Emily’s discussion group, had previously participated in a nine-month study course on these materials. It helped her see how her passion for racial and economic equity in public health is part of displaying and carrying God’s image. Janet, a Korean American, has found herself being asked to speak to all levels of her company about race and health.

“We talked about our spheres of influence. As believers, we have authority by the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t matter how old you are – we have the Spirit who leads us. He’s given me the opportunity to show who God is.” Janet has been candid about her faith and how it motivates her to care about justice and equity, leading to open conversations with Muslim, atheist, and agnostic coworkers. You can learn more, find resources on the intersection of faith and work, and learn about upcoming Zoom events at

God has recently led me (Steve) to serve on the Human Resources team in Cru City because the international travel in my previous role in Jesus Film was too hard on my health. Robin and I are thankful that we, together with you, are able to help people around the world come to know God and grow in their relationship with him.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin