“Do you go to church?” Scott asked a Honduran man in Spanish after Cru’s Unto team found a pair of glasses that fit him. “No, not since my daughter was killed,” he responded with tears in his eyes while showing a picture of his teenage daughter.

Scott was stunned with how open this stranger was, sharing about how his daughter had recently been shot and killed by a gang, and how he had been deeply depressed and hopeless since then. He quickly introduced the man to a local pastor working with the Unto team. Scott prayed and observed from afar as the men cried and spoke for the next half hour. Later, the pastor said, “He has accepted Christ!”, with thumbs up and a smile.

Unto is Cru’s humanitarian ministry. Their mission is to express the kindness of Jesus to people living in the toughest places on earth by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing the hope found in Jesus Christ.

In Honduras, the team helped over 900 people receive a new pair of glasses. The photo is one of the vision clinics. Everyone who received a pair of glasses also heard the gospel and the Jesus Film was shown to hundreds of people. Over the course of this trip, the team saw 7 people accept Christ while many others were connected to a local church.

The Unto team also helped the local Cru ministry in Honduras and their church partners gain access to new parts of the country, increase credibility with locals, and be effective in caring for the needs of their people while sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God! Please pray for the new believers and for the Cru ministry in Honduras.

To find out more about Unto, go to unto.com. To learn how to go on an Unto humanitarian aid trip, click on Get Involved/Humanitarian Trips at the top of the webpage. There are trips in the US and abroad, and some are especially geared towards college students.

Robin and I are so thankful for your prayers and partnership in our ministry with Cru so that we can share the eternal hope of Jesus with people throughout the United States and in virtually every major country on earth.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin