Cru’s JESUS Film Project recently celebrated an important milestone. With the translation of the JESUS film into the Zo language, we have reached the 2,000th language mark! Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, wanted to bring a biblically accurate depiction of the life, ministry, and death of Jesus based on the book of Luke to the big screen. The JESUS Film premiered in theaters in 1979. To hit a translation milestone of this magnitude in under 43 years is a testimony to God’s provision. 

While each translation and recording is unique, the story of the Zo translation represents God’s faithfulness through many challenges. Even during the global pandemic, the translation was completed thanks to the partnership and passion of Pastor Sing, an immigrant from Myanmar, who worked with the Zo community in the U.S. to translate and record the film.

The Zo are a small people group of roughly 65,000 people. Many live in northwestern Myanmar and northeastern India. Due to discrimination and persecution, many Zo have scattered worldwide, including Fort Worth, Texas, where Pastor Sing leads a small Zo house church. 

When Cru asked Pastor Sing about his interest in recording the JESUS film in Zo, he eagerly began the project. He helped with every phase, including translating the script, contacting voice actors (photo), and coordinating the complete process. Pastor Sing is very excited to have this powerful evangelism tool to help him visually communicate who Jesus is. 

For millions worldwide, watching the JESUS film in their heart language provides a life-changing encounter with the living God who created them. Through the partnership of more than 1,800 ministries, people all over the globe have had an opportunity to experience the gospel, leading to more than 633 million people who have indicated decisions to follow Jesus Christ.

Robin and I recently had lunch with Kibru, who was in Orlando at a Cru conference. I met him while I was in Ethiopia in 2019 helping with the translation workshops for 7 new JESUS film translations. Kibru told us that six of these are recorded and ready to use. Praise God!

We are grateful for your partnership and prayers that give so many people around the world a chance to know Jesus.

Yours in Christ, 

Steve & Robin