In her role as Applicant Liaison Team Leader, Robin gets to interact with most of the men and women that become full-time missionaries with Cru. All of them have unique and interesting stories as to how God called them to serve with Cru, but we thought you might be especially interested to hear about Jesoni Vitusagavulu, or as he is better known, Vitu (pictured on the right with Robin).

Vitu was raised in Fiji in a Christian family, where he was taught to go to church, read his Bible, and pray regularly. However, it wasn’t until he attended university that he heard about his need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A fellow student shared The Four Spiritual Laws booklet with him. The booklet, also called Knowing God Personally, was written by Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ/Cru. Vitu eagerly heard the message that the student shared and accepted Christ as his personal Lord and savior.

As a young believer, Vitu was discipled through Cru using The Ten Basic Steps Toward Christian Maturity. These steps encompass things like how to be filled with the Holy Spirit, the importance of prayer and daily Bible reading, sharing your faith, and giving. You can find those steps at

After graduation, Vitu helped start Cru’s Family Life ministry in Fiji. In 2005, he was named as the ambassador from Fiji to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. While serving as the ambassador in Washington DC, Vitu became involved in Cru’s Christian Embassy ministry. Christian Embassy ministers to political leaders, their spouses, and their staff in Washington DC and at the UN in New York City. Christian Embassy encourages world leaders to investigate the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ. They do this by building relationships of trust, teaching God’s word, and praying for and with our leaders.

Vitu stayed involved in Christian Embassy as a volunteer even after his term as ambassador ended. Last year at the age of 62, he said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life in full-time ministry and applied to become a missionary with Cru. Robin worked alongside Vitu to assist him with Cru’s application and hiring process. Vitu, along with more than 50 other men and women attended Cru’s New Staff Orientation last month and were commissioned as Cru missionaries. Vitu is still an ambassador – but now he’s a full-time ambassador for Christ with Cru’s Christian Embassy ministry!

We give thanks to God for your partnership in our ministry. Thank you for helping people around the world come to know the Lord and have the opportunity to serve Him.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin

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