Over the past few weeks, Cru’s Campus Ministry hosted five big Winter conferences across the country for college and high school students to gather with other students from schools in their region. They worshiped together and grew in their faith through Bible teaching. They also learned how to serve the Kingdom of God with Cru through international and domestic mission trips, internships, and joining Cru as full-time missionaries.

One of Cru’s Campus Ministry’s Executive Directors attended one of the Cru High School Winter Conferences held over Martin Luther King weekend. He shared, “Story after story of life change is happening here! Staff sharing the gospel with students, a brother leading his sister to Christ, a Cru staff dad thanking other staff for helping train his kid to share their faith, a challenge to world missions, and many (students) have come to faith already.”

Faith, a Southern Methodist University (SMU) student, attended the Dallas Winter Conference last year. At lunch during the conference, Faith met Cru missionaries who serve with Epic, Cru’s Asian American Ministry, and students involved with Epic on their campuses. She returned to SMU with the thought, “I know lots of Asian students. I can do Epic at SMU.”

Faith started with a few students, all non-believers, talking about the gospel over bagels. As students got involved, she said, “Wouldn't it be great if someone became a Christian through this?”

On the left of the photo is Maggie (Faith is on the right). Maggie is also a student at SMU. She joined Maggie’s Epic small group to find community. At an Epic Fall Retreat, Maggie surrendered her life to Jesus Christ and became the first Christian in her family! At this year's Dallas Winter Conference, she joined Faith and others from SMU.

Cru’s Campus Ministry has a variety of ministries reaching out to ethnic students on campuses around the world. Epic, mentioned above, is focused on Asian American students (cru.org/epicmovement). Destino focuses on Latino students (destino.org). Bridges focuses on international students attending college here in the US (bridgesinternational.com). Nations is our ministry to Native Americans (thetalkingcircle.com).

Robin and I give thanks to the Lord for you and your partnership with us in Cru. A ministry that helps students like Faith and Maggie can come to know the Lord, grow in their faith, and learn how to share the gospel with others.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin