It’s a new year that’s filled with great potential. I’m currently studying for a Church History class I’m taking next week. Did you know that there are more followers of Jesus Christ in more tribes and nations than ever before in history? Today, through his global church, God is making disciples of all the nations.

Robin and I help reach the world through the ethnically diverse college students who study at NYC colleges and universities. One of our successful annual events in drawing college students closer to Jesus Christ and committing their lives to His kingdom are Cru Winter conferences. The Winter Conference closest to NYC was held in Baltimore, Maryland, between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

1,238 students (11 from NYC) attended this life changing conference. These students are removed from many distractions in their lives and immersed in community with other like-minded students and Cru staff, worshipping, hearing from passionate speakers, and challenged to commit themselves and their life to Christ.

948 students committed their lives to Christ by signing the following pledge:

Lord Jesus, I surrender to You, and in the power of Your Spirit, I will...

GO where You want me to GO

DO what You want me DO

SAY what You want me to SAY

GIVE what You want me to GIVE

(I wish I had made this commitment when I was in college!)

129 students committed to serve a full year of ministry before pursuing their careers. The training and life experiences these students gain is invaluable and truly life altering. Some follow God’s call into full-time ministry. They all take what they have learned into their workplaces, churches, communities, and families.

54 students trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior for the first time. These students came with doubts and uncertainty, and left with hope and faith in a God who first loved us. They have a new and different life before them full of God’s love and forgiveness.

It brings us comfort and joy to know that we do not serve alone because you are right beside us. Caleb, Rachel, and Evelyn moved to Orlando so Caleb can finish his college degree. We miss them. Pray for them to settle in and for Caleb to find a good job. Pray for Robin and I as we pursue our various ministry projects this spring.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin

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