“I’ve been collecting books about Jesus and wanting to meet a Christian for 20 years. Go and find out more about Jesus!”

Haley, a Cru intern, met Layla, a student from a closed Middle East country. Layla had decided to stop wearing her head covering because she felt lost and confused about God and was searching for peace. Haley was able to share the gospel with her that day they met in a coffee shop. Layla was eager to learn more.

At their next meeting, Layla enthusiastically exclaimed, “I have been telling my dad all about our conversation.” Haley’s heart sunk. She knew Layla’s dad was a high ranking official in the Muslim government. Outwardly trying to appear calm, thoughts were running through her head. “How did he react? Is she in trouble? Am I in trouble?”

To her surprise, Layla’s dad was ecstatic! He has secretly been collecting books about Jesus. He has had doubts about Islam, questions about Christ, and has been wanting to meet a Christian for 20 years! He not only gave Layla permission to continue meeting, he gave his blessing and asked her to find out answers to questions they shared.

Layla and Haley continue to meet, but so far, Layla hasn’t received Christ. At their last meeting, Haley asked, “Who do you think Jesus is?” Layla smiled and said, “Jesus is God.” But she is still conflicted. All her life she has been told if she changes her faith, she will go to hell. She wants to continue learning about Jesus before making the big leap. The cost is high. Please pray for Layla’s salvation and for her family.

Haley finished her internship and is now a full-time missionary with Cru. She is currently at a Cru conference receiving additional theological training. Robin and her team help new missionaries like Haley navigate the lengthy process to become a Cru missionary. Please pray for the 60 new Cru missionaries and the additional 100 who are already Cru missionaries that are attending this conference for the theological training. Like Haley, these men and women will serve the Lord around the world and impact lives for eternity.

We are happy to announce the birth of our second grandchild, Finn Matthew Gulliver! Finn was born 1/9/19, and he and our daughter, Rachel, are doing well. Our life is very full since we share a home with Rachel, Caleb, big sister Evelyn (2 years old), and little Finn.

Thank you for your prayers for us, our family, and our ministry with Cru. We couldn’t do this without you!

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin

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