Even though Cru is not able to minister face-to-face in most areas around the world yet, people are still coming to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. We were encouraged by this story from Katie, who is a missionary with Cru in a closed country.

“Through targeted Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads, our team has been engaging with people who are seeking for spiritual truth online. 2,341,048 real people have viewed these ads! Yes, 2 million! 348 seekers have directly messaged the team (example on the right) asking to know the truth about Jesus! As of yesterday, 79 students have come to saving faith!

“Every single night, the team has been online responding to messages for hours, sharing the gospel with those who are seeking, and discipling those who have come to faith. They’re operating with 10 phones and 4 laptops, both for security reasons and to simply keep up with all the messages that are coming in.

“These students aren’t just clicking a ‘yes’ button to accept Christ and then disappearing but are in conversation with my team and are beginning to be discipled immediately after trusting Jesus as Lord. Some have already transitioned to voice-call coaching towards multiplying their live.

“In two nations where there is yet to be a local Arab church, God is springing up true. I believe this movement is monumental in world history - ultimately transforming entire nations and the whole region through these students who have just come to faith and are already seeing others believe through them! This movement is only attributable to a powerful movement of the Spirit of God.” Praise God for how he is moving in the hearts of people! Please pray for these new believers and that God will bring many more into his kingdom.

By the time you receive this letter, 160 new missionaries with Cru will be in training to be sent out around the world to share the gospel. These people are of all ages and from all around the U.S., plus one person from a middle eastern country. Please pray for these men and women and for the trainers, since this will be the first-ever virtual Cru New Staff Orientation.

Robin and her team have guided each of these 160 new missionaries through the application process and ensured they have what they need to attend the training. She and her team are currently working with next group of new missionaries who will attend Cru’s second virtual New Staff Orientation in September. Please pray that Robin and her team will continue to keep their eyes on the Lord as they serve these new Cru missionaries.

We pray that you and your loved ones are experiencing God’s grace and peace in a new and special way during these ever-changing times. We are so grateful for your prayers and partnership with us as we serve the Lord and help others come to know Him.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin