What do Daytona Beach, Gatlinburg, Ozark Lakes, and Lake Tahoe have in common? These are just a few of the 64 locations around the U.S. where over 1,200 college students are on summer mission trips with Cru. These students put their lives on hold for 3-10 weeks, packed their bags, and traveled to a location with the intention of sharing the Gospel with others and growing in their faith.

Katie, a senior at Anderson University, said about her mission trip to Daytona Beach, “Our first full day in Daytona, we were trained, prayed for, given two hours, three questions, and the charge to go share the Gospel! Needless to say, we were pretty terrified. While we heard no from some people on the beach, we heard yes from all kinds of people, and it was a blessing to hear their stories.

“Another blessing throughout the trip was the community, especially my discipleship group, where we got to have conversations and experience vulnerability together which is SO rare, yet much needed. I also got to experience more and more of what sanctification looks like - the refining of my life and producing of good fruits as the Holy Spirit works in me. This is not comfortable, but I am so thankful!”

Brycen, a Clemson student, shared about his time on the Ozark Lakes Summer Mission: “During my first evangelism time, I really started to feel connected to the people around me. I realized we are all broken but I have a hope in eternity that they don’t and I really wanted to share that with them. But when we began approaching people, for some reason, it freaked me out. In my head was a constant ‘I don’t want to do it, I don’t want to do it, I don’t want to do it!’ But as soon as the first words came out, God gave me this overwhelming peace and the words to continue the conversation how He wanted it.”

Lake Tahoe Summer Mission students (photo) learn what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit as they are trained to share the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results up to God.

Many of these summer mission trips will continue until early August. Please pray for these students to be bold in sharing their faith and for an open heart for those that they will talk to. Pray that their eagerness to share the gospel will continue when they go back to school in the fall.

Thank you for your involvement in our ministry with Cru so that people are equipped to share the good news of the gospel to a lost world.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin