“I want to speak life into anybody who may not know who Jesus is at this moment. But He knows you and He loves you, and He’s wildly obsessed with you.”, proclaimed Russell Wilson, winner of the 2022 Bart Starr Award at the Super Bowl Breakfast, sponsored by Cru’s Athletes in Action Ministry.

Wilson, a star NFL quarterback, went on to explain that God already knows what the future holds and is ready to accept everyone with open arms. “He’s a God of miracles,” Wilson said. “He’s a God of healing. He’s a God of forgiveness. He’s a God of love. He meets you right where you are and honestly, He’s already ahead of you.”

The in-person breakfast, which is an NFL-sanctioned event, always ends with a gospel message, typically delivered by a current or former player. Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich was chosen to speak this year and ended his remarks with an invitation to follow Christ.

“As we make that step of faith, what do we do? We confess that we scored zero,” Reich said. “We say, ‘Jesus, you are our Lord and Savior, come into my life,’ and begin an intimate relationship with Him. The first and the primary way to get to know Him is to begin reading the scriptures, reading the gospels, to get to know the life and the person of Christ.”

Please pray for those who heard the gospel at the Super Bowl Breakfast and for Cru’s Athletes in Action missionaries who help college and professional athletes experience the hope and purpose that comes from following Jesus, and equip them to use their platform to be part of God’s mission in the world to make disciples of all nations.

Also, please pray for Cru’s Ukrainian staff. Cru has about 120 missionaries in Ukraine, along with many other people who are volunteers or are involved in the ministry as disciples. Pray for those who have evacuated the country or are trying to evacuate. Some of our staff are choosing to stay and minister onsite. All our Ukrainian staff has loved ones who are fighting or have been otherwise affected by the conflict.

Please pray for God’s protection, comfort, and strength for the Ukrainian people. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our Cru staff and give them opportunities to share Christ. We praise God for reports that they are having many good gospel conversations. Pray for open hearts and for the eternal salvation of many.

We give thanks to Lord for you and your prayers and partnership in ministry with us.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin