Max, a student at Bentley College, immigrated to the U.S. with his family from Uzbekistan after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. His family views religion as a fairytale that is not to be trusted or credible. 

Max, however, couldn’t shake his curiosity about how the Bible has shaped so much of history. He turned to YouTube, where he found The Bible Project []. Through countless hours of listening to the Bible, he found his family’s view of religion in question. He began to trust. 

A week into Max’s freshman year at Bentley, he met Andrew, a Cru missionary. Andrew presented the gospel to Max, who gave his life to Jesus, was baptized, and started attending a church in Boston. Max has been an example of what can happen when the Holy Spirit comes into our lives. He has repeatedly trusted Jesus, even when circumstances and people have pressed against him. 

This came to a head recently when his family began to pressure him away from his faith. First, they threatened to take away the resources to pay for school, and then they forbade him from going to church. Max asked them, “What would happen if I went to church?” They responded, “Grab some trash bags and pack your things because you cannot come home.” 

Andrew did his best to listen and ask questions, helping Max think through his options. “What’s your top desire - to go to church tomorrow or wake up at home?” Max countered, “My top priority is that my parents would know Jesus. They have threatened to take away everything, including my inheritance; what more can they take?”

What a faith-filled response! Despite losing much and the emotional turmoil of those he loves rejecting him, Max believes Jesus is more than enough. He is currently living with an uncle and still following Jesus. 

Even though Max’s relationship with his family is currently broken, he has chosen Jesus and desires that his family will also. Please pray for Max and his family. 

Robin and I are happy to introduce our fifth grandchild, Caspian Robert Ronk, aka “Bertie.” Bertie was born to Robby and Annie on March 15. He joins his big brothers, Rowan and Wesley. We feel blessed that they live about 10 minutes from us, so we see them often.

Thank you for your partnership in our ministry, which allows people from all over the world to hear the good news of the gospel.

Yours in Christ, 

Steve & Robin