“You’re probably wondering what led me to ask Jesus into my life recently. Well, it was your website…with its compelling and compassionate composition, and moving introduction to Jesus, that rescued me from the depths of fear, shame, confusion, and low self-esteem. Reading your website set me free. Jesus, set me free! Pass my praise to all those involved in making your websites a reality!” - Adam, from a country in the Arabian Peninsula.

Adam is one of the 23 million people from across the world who visited EveryStudent.com last year while searching for answers to their spiritual questions. And, he is one of the 312,307 people who placed their faith in Christ in 2017 as a result of EveryStudent.com.

EveryStudent.com is one of the most innovative strategies Cru has developed to reach people around the globe. More than 60,000 people visit EveryStudent.com each day when they search questions like “How can I know God?” or “What’s my purpose in life?” The site, which is in 47 different languages, answers tough questions, shares the gospel, and even provides follow-up Bible studies for those who place their faith in Christ.

People whose lives have been changed by EveryStudent.com are eager to share this good news with others. Yared became a believer on EveryStudent.com and grew through the follow-up Bible study. He said, “Each part is removing blindness from my life!” After he signed up on the site for “How to Talk about God”, he got the idea to share EveryStudent.com through social media and his online groups began multiplying. In his first year as a believer, he had 700 people in his groups and saw 33 become new believers. Yared said, “EveryStudent.com is satisfying their questions and doubts. It is strength for the believers’ faith—and a way for non-believers to come to Jesus!”

If you have questions about God or life or would like to share EveryStudent.com with others, you can download the free app for your phone or visit the website. The website also has links where you can print cards or posters to help others find a safe space to discover who God is and what it might be like to know God personally. There is a parallel site, EveryPerson.com, that contains the same material that you can share with non-students.

Your prayers for us and our ministry make it possible for people like Yared and Adam to come to know the power of God’s love. We give thanks to the Lord for your partnership in our ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin

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