Fatyanov woke up scared. Barely able to breathe, she couldn’t move or speak. She looked into the complete darkness and the only light she saw was a vision of a cross glowing brightly. She heard a voice in her ear clearly saying, “Jesus Christ is the Son of God, sent from heaven, to die on the cross for our sins.” Suddenly, a strong tingling sensation washed over her from head to toe.

Fatyanov had never heard those words before, and she certainly didn’t make them up herself. Shaken, Fatyanov opened her computer the next morning and searched for those words on Google. Cru’s website EveryStudent.com popped up in the search results. When she scrolled through the website and saw the page describing how to know God personally, she realized that the text matched what she had heard that night. She knew the words were true.

After reading the article titled “Knowing God Personally”, Fatyanov knelt in her room and prayed a prayer from the website that helped her express a desire to trust Jesus. As Fatyanov trusted in God, her anxiety about decisions diffused, whether minor daily decisions or larger ones, such as her education, job, and finances. “Ever since giving my life to Christ, the Lord has been a part of my everyday life,” says Fatyanov. “He gently transforms me, little by little, glory to glory, as I let Him into every area of my life.”

Once Fatyanov put her faith in Jesus, she knew she needed to tell her husband. Fatyanov shared online Christian sermons with Michael. Curious about her new faith, he agreed to listen. She also gave Michael a Bible. One evening while listening to a sermon together, the pastor led a prayer and Michael followed by professing his faith in Christ. Michael’s life transformed almost immediately. Things he once idolized such as the pursuit of self-improvement, power, and financial prosperity dimmed. Instead, he experienced contentment, peace, and joy.

As Michael read the Bible and saw the transformation in his life, he shared his experiences with his mother and sister in Ukraine via Skype. He challenged each of his family members to also trust Christ as their Lord and Savior. He gave his family a link to EveryStudent.com in Russian and sent a Russian Bible to his mom. Pray that Michael’s family comes to know and trust in Jesus Christ.

Every day, hundreds of people begin a relationship with God through Everystudent.com and Everyperson.com, both online ministries of Cru. The sites answer people’s most pressing questions about life and God. And they give readers reasons and an opportunity to begin a relationship with God. Your involvement in Cru reaches people all over the world for Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin

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