This spring, Alejandrina (Drina), a college student from Wisconsin, stepped out in faith in Toledo, Spain, and invited students to a Bible study. A few arrived with some religious background, while others were brand new to the idea and were curious. Drina used Cru’s Soularium cards to engage these students in a conversation about God and life.

Soularium is a collection of 50 photographs and 5 simple questions that enables someone to enter and explore the spiritual lives of others. Participants are asked to pick photographs that visually answer questions like “How would you describe God?” or “Which image best represents your current spiritual life?” This opens a discussion on why they picked these photographs.

Amidst a rich, multi-layered interaction in Spanish, several students asked how they could know Jesus. Drina explained the gospel using Cru’s Knowing God Personally booklet but time ran out before they could finish. Next week, only one student named Elisa showed up for the study, although the others had texted Drina wanting to know the rest of the story.

With just the two of them, Drina was able to tailor the discussion more specifically to Elisa. That Thursday afternoon, in a 16th-century convent converted to a campus, Elisa responded to the message of God’s all-encompassing love and invited Jesus Christ into her life.

So how did Drina end up leading a Bible study in Spain? Acting on her parents’ advice, she got involved with Cru her freshman year in college. During the 2019 North Myrtle Beach summer mission, she was trained in evangelism and discipleship, skills she continues to practice back on campus. Drina sought out Cru’s Study Abroad program and spent a semester studying in Spain. After graduation and an August wedding, she plans to intern for a year with Cru Inner City Ministry in Chicago.

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Together we are reaching a lost world with the good news of the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayer and support of us and our ministry with Cru for 27 years this month.

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