“Would you be willing to answer 5 questions about life and spiritual things using photographs?” 

This is a question you might have heard from Cru students visiting the campus of Central Florida (UCF), located here in Orlando, during Spring Break. Students gathered from 6 different college campuses for a week of ministry: UNCW, UNCP, College of Charleston, Charleston Southern, Coastal Carolina, and UNCG. They were taught how to share their personal story of faith in an engaging way, get into spiritual conversations using Snapchat, and walk someone through the gospel. 

Collene and Hannah approached Rachel sitting outside on a bench. She was eager to do the 5 question photograph survey. When they asked Rachel to choose an image to describe God, she told them how she had been reading the Bible since January and praying that God would send someone to explain this message to her. 

The Cru women teared up with joy and asked if they could share with Rachel how God wants to know her personally. As they continued to engage with Rachel, they learned she was from Peru and her family moved to Orlando 3 years ago. 

Toward the end of their conversation with Rachel, she told them that she was living for herself but wanted Jesus Christ as head of her life and to surrender her life to him. She prayed in Spanish to accept Christ into her life. Then Hannah prayed over her in English. Rachel told the women that she normally sits inside during this particular break on campus but wanted to sit outside that day.

The Cru students saw God ordain divine appointments, Rachel being just one of them. She is getting connected to the UCF Cru ministry. The Spring Break students stepped out in faith throughout the week and the Lord showed up! They ended their week celebrating all that God did at UCF. 

Please pray for the Spring Break students to continue to share the gospel on their college campuses. Pray for the students at UCF that heard the gospel and prayed to receive Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for your prayer for and partnership with our ministry with Cru. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God our Father, and Communion with the Holy Spirit be with you always.

Yours in Christ, 

Steve & Robin