Marian, who lives in Eastern Europe, invited everyone she knew to her house to watch the “JESUS” film produced by Cru’s Jesus Film Project. Young and old came because Marian’s contagious smile made them feel welcome and valued.

While the film showing was an opportunity for her community to experience the gospel, it was also an opportunity for Marian to be encouraged by the work of the Holy Spirit. Her heart filled with joy as she watched her friends and neighbors see the life of Jesus unfold. Through their tears of realization, Marian saw the start of their spiritual transformations. As they discovered Jesus and indicated decisions to follow Him, Marian’s neighbors became her brothers and sisters in Christ!

When Marian met separately with the women in small groups, they watched and discussed the “Magdalena: Released from Shame” film, also produced by Cru’s Jesus Film Project. One of the attendees was Sveta, who was hesitant but curious about this message of love and transformation. After Sveta came to Christ, Marian continued encouraging her in her walk with Jesus.

In the first year, the women’s group blossomed, welcoming 10 new members. As Sveta’s faith grew stronger, Marian guided her in leading a small group of her own. Equipped with the Jesus Film Project resources, Sveta began sharing the gospel with others, leading two women to Christ through the “Magdalena” film and initiating her own follow-up group. This transformation of Sveta is a testament to the empowering nature of Cru’s ministry of “Win-Build-Send”. 

Marian moved to another city where she continued to grow in her ministry skills. Like her previous home, her new place soon became the hub for showings of “JESUS” and “Magdalena.” Marian also began a new small group. There, she met Yana and her husband, and Marian started training Yana as a potential leader. Now, the two women lead the small group together.

May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace. Every time Robin and I think of you, we thank God for your involvement in our lives and ministry with Cru (our paraphrase of Philippians 1:2–3).

Yours in Christ, 

Steve & Robin