“I want to take the next step, but I don’t know how.” Over the past 10 months, John, an ROTC student at a college in the northeast, had been growing in his desire to know God. That journey led him to Nick, a Cru missionary at John’s college. Nick had just recently begun ministering to ROTC students when he encountered John.

Nick shared Cru’s Knowing God Personally booklet with John. John agreed with each of the booklet’s four points and wanted to know how he could have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ’s work on the cross. Nick passed the booklet across the table and said, “Read this prayer. The words aren’t magic or anything like that. God doesn't care about our exact words, but cares about what our hearts mean to say. Is this what you want?"

John started reading, mumbling some of the words aloud: "Jesus, I believe who you are...want you to be in control of my life...trusting in you for forgiveness of sin...", and he paused and looked up. "Yes. This is what I want. I'm tired of living life on my own." Nick and John prayed together, and John became a Christian for real - a follower of Jesus Christ. Please pray for John as Nick continues to meet with him to help him grow stronger in his relationship with the Lord.

Around the US, Cru reaches college students who are military veterans, ROTC members, or cadets at military services academies. The objectives are the same as they are for our other Cru ministries - to win people to Christ, to build and strengthen their faith, and to send them out to reach others. Please pray for these ministries and the men and women who sacrifice so much for our country.

We are thankful for so many things this year. We are thankful for you and your partnership in our ministry. We are thankful that God allows us to serve Him as full-time missionaries with Cru. We are thankful for family and friends. Most of all, we are thankful for God’s love for us and His mercy and grace. May you experience God’s peace, hope, and joy in this holiday season.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin

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