I leave on October 23 to travel to Ethiopia for 17 days in my new role with Jesus Film Project as a Script Translation Manager. I will coordinate a workshop where we will start translating 8 local languages for the JESUS film. These 8 languages are spoken by over 1 million Ethiopians. Once the new JESUS films are ready, over 1 million people will be able to hear and see the Gospel of Luke in their heart language!

Ethiopia is the oldest independent nation in Africa and one of the oldest nations in the world. Since the fourth century, Christianity has been a part of everyday life in Ethiopia. Persecution during the Marxist regime (1977-1986) was severe but evangelicals increased significantly and are still active in ministry under the current freedoms. Approximately 60% of Ethiopians consider themselves Christians. A strong Muslim influence (34%) normally lives in peace among the Christians but some Islamic groups are threatening that delicate peace. Thirty-one percent of the 105 million Ethiopians are unreached for Jesus Christ.

Please pray for safe travel, good health, and God’s guidance for everyone involved in this workshop. This is the first time we all have worked together. Pray for Robin and me because we have not been apart for more than 5 days. Pray for me because this is my first workshop. Pray for a very productive and successful two weeks. Pray as the team continues to translate the 8 languages between the first and second workshops. Pray that the 1 million who speak these 8 languages will see the JESUS film and have their lives changed for eternity. Pray for militant Muslims to know the truth of Jesus Christ and to stop persecuting believers.

Robin and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our third grandchild, Rowan Samuel Ronk! Rowan was born on September 22 in Wellington, New Zealand. Robby, Annie, and Rowan are all doing well. We are really thankful for modern technology so that we can get lots of pictures of Rowan through our family WhatsApp group, and we can FaceTime often with them. Please be praying for Robby and Annie as they adjust to being new parents.

Thank you for praying for our ministry and our family. Your prayers are making a difference in the lives of so many people around the world.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin