“My name is Anna Claire and I’m an upcoming sophomore (at Ole Miss)! I am SO excited to get back to Oxford! I didn’t get involved with Cru until the second semester of my freshman year. I was really struggling with the transition to college and felt disconnected from my faith. Then, I heard about Cru and Greek Summit.

“The first Cru meeting I went to, I felt more connected to a community of believers than ever. Everything seemed to fall into place after that meeting! I went to the rest of the Cru meetings and signed up for the Greek Summit trip. Everyone I met on the trip was so driven and passionate about God. Hearing everyone’s different stories and testimonies was life-changing. I will forever cherish all the friendships I made during Greek Summit!

“My experience with Cru has taught me that God is intentional in His timing and His plan is amazing!! I am so excited to continue my journey with Cru this year and can’t wait to meet all the new people!!”

Anna Claire’s Cru Greek Summit was held this summer in Destin, FL (group photo). The goal of the Summit is to help college students develop and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and equip them with the tools they need to influence their fraternity or sorority for Him.

Fraternity men and sorority women from all over the country learn how to be satisfied to the fullest in their relationship with God and grow as spiritual leaders.

They make deep friendships and grow in their walk with God, which enables them to impact their Greek system for eternity. They are equipped to leave a spiritual legacy for Christ that will far outlast their time in college.

Please pray for our Cru staff who invest so much in the lives of college students, not only during the school year but also during the summer. Pray for lasting change in these students so that they will reach fellow students while in college and continue to reach the lost after college.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin