September is here, and we finally have cooler weather in NYC. The leaves will be turning soon, and we are looking forward to that. We’ve seen God at work in many ways around the city this month. Here are three examples:

Cru’s Christian Embassy ministry hosted their annual prayer breakfast before the opening of the United Nations General Assembly on September 15. Evangelist Luis Palau presented a clear gospel message to the group of 220 ambassadors, diplomats, and their spouses. Christian Embassy will continue to reach out to these important officials with Bible studies, English classes, and assistance in transitioning to life in NYC and the US. Pray that these diplomats will come to know Jesus as their Lord so that they may have a tremendous impact upon their country and the world.

Our teammates Adam and Nick were waiting for entrance into the buildings at The New School (a NYC arts college) when they struck up a conversation with three students who were outside. The students - Enrique, Luis, and Matt - are from Brazil and were very open to talking about their spiritual beliefs. The students listened carefully as Adam and Nick shared how God has changed their lives. One of the students said, “Why don’t other people talk about such important things?” Enrique, Luis, and Matt have not yet prayed to receive Christ, but Adam and Nick will meet with them again to talk more. Please be praying for them.

Robin and I helped plan and worked at a social for students from campuses all over NYC. About 70 students went on a boat ride in the Hudson River and returned to a park for an ice cream social, where several good spiritual conversations took place.

This was the first time many of the students have participated in a Cru activity. Pray that the students will want to hear more about what Cru does on their campus and will be motivated to get involved with Cru and attend next month’s fall retreat.

Last year, Robin and I helped lead a conference to recruit Cru staff to move to NYC to work with the 1.3 million college students here. From that conference, four staff have already moved to the city, and another six are raising their support to move here. This year, the same conference is being held from October 5-8. We’re challenging 19 Cru staff to move to the city. Please pray for us as we finalize all the details for the conference, and pray that God will speak clearly to those attending.

We are continually amazed that God has called us to live in NYC to help reach the lost. We give thanks to Him for you and for the impact you have in our lives and our ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin

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