“I’ve never had a conversation with a Christian that was this enjoyable.” That was the response from Kate, a student at the University of Washington, after having a conversation “Bill”, a Cru staff member, using a new evangelism tool developed by Cru called “What Matters?”

“What Matters?” contains eight cards covering concepts like justice, beauty, and power – topics that matter to people and cover topics in Jesus’ Beatitudes. This tool was developed to help build a heart connection with another person and build a heart connection between them and God. It’s designed to help a Christian have a deep conversation and make a connection with a non-believer so that the gospel can be shared.

Kate, mentioned in the first paragraph, was skeptical about using the “What Matters?” cards. However, after looking at the “Strength in Suffering” card with Bill and hearing his story of how God met him in the midst of a painful time, Kate mentioned she had a little brother who was diagnosed with bone cancer and that she came from an abusive family.

Bill said he could almost hear the cry of Kate’s heart asking, “How could a God who loves me allow this to happen?” As Kate was about to leave, she said, “I’ve never had a conversation with a Christian that was this enjoyable.” Please pray for Kate and other students who need to know Jesus Christ. You can find the “What Matters?” cards at https://crustore.org/what-matters.html.

We made it through hurricane Irma just fine. We were so thankful that we didn’t lose power. Two Cru staff women who live near us came over and spent the night during the hurricane since their apartment is upstairs and on the end of our building. Many of our Cru staff did lose power, some for as many as eight days. Another Cru staff friend had his car totaled when his neighbor’s screen porch blew on top of his car.

As you may remember, I (Steve) have been dealing with some health issues for several years. Yesterday, I finally received a diagnosis that gives us hope. The doctor told me that I had the worst case of the Epstein Barr virus that he’s seen. He started me on a medication and said that I should be feeling somewhat better in a few weeks, and should be back to normal in about 6-12 months. Praise God! We are so appreciative of your prayers for us and our ministry with Cru.

Yours in Christ,

Steve & Robin

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The eight "What Matters" cards.